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Board of Directors

Composition of the Board

  1. The SBS Board is the administrative body of the SBS, responsible for all running operations and decisions; it consists of up to nine active members. The board members are holding an M.D. or PhD. degree with demonstrated expertise in life sciences or related specialties and are elected by the society's members. At least one third of the board members should be affiliated to the King Saud University.
  2. Board membership lasts for three years which can be renewed for another term.
  3. If a board member is recorded absent for three consecutive meeting with no valid excuse, he/she may be considered resigned.
  4. The board may elect a replacement member to fill-in for membership vacancy, and requires the approval of the General Assembly at the first meeting.
  5. From the board members, the board elects the Society President who should be affiliated to the King Saud University for a three-year term which can be renewed for another term. The board, also, elect a Vice-President and a Treasurer.
  6. The Society President is considered the official representative for the society and acts on behalf of the Society in communicating with official and non-official organization/agencies inside or outside the kingdom.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:01am