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Mission & Vision

 Contribute in upgrading the scientific research to the members of the Society and its visibility internationally, and serve the nation in the area of specialization.

 To encourage and publish all that is related to the field of biological sciences, and its development; and the strengthening of bonds between workers in the fields of science, at the local, Islamic and international level.

  1. Encouraging research in the fields of biological science in general, and areas related to the local environment and wildlife specifically.
  2. Spreading scientific awareness in the field of biological sciences through the issuing of simplified scientific booklets and regular bulletins that the normal individual understands.
  3. Introducing the outside world to the scientific research that is being carried out by the scientific institutions of the Kingdom.
  4. Providing scientific consultation- in the field of specialty of the different members of the society- to the parties requesting this inside the Kingdom..
  5. Spreading awareness and care for the preservation of the natural environment of the Kingdom.
  6. Organizing scientific seminars and conferences in which specialists from all over the world can participate, in an effort to find appropriate solutions for the problems of the local environment, and ways to develop it.
  7. Strengthening the relationship between those working in the field of Biological sciences and those interested in it, within the Kingdom, through providing opportunities for them to become members, and by organizing trips and social events for them, inside the Kingdom and abroad.
  8. Invite scientists and thinkers in the field of Biological sciences to participate in the activities of the Society.
  9. Spreading a culture of excellence and organized learning, exploration and creativity.


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